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Halong Travel Guide

Paradise Suites Hotel is the very first luxury boutique hotel on the shores of Halong Bay.
It aims at extending the enchantment and humble majesty of the mythical seascape
inland. Even if Paradise Suites Hotel’s guests are staying on land,

Memoirs from the Natural Heritage



Ha Long Bay is Vietnam’s most iconic wildlife destination that boasts over 1,900 limestone islands and small karst islets that take form in different shapes and sizes located in the northern province of Quang Ninh, a three-hour drive from the capital city of Ha Noi.

Derived from the Sino-Vietnamese term Ha Long, which means “descending dragon”, it is believed that the gods have sent a family of dragons to serve as protectors for the Vietnamese people by spitting jewels and jade that would eventually evolve into islands, protecting the mainland from any invaders coming from the open sea.

Two-time UNESCO World Heritage Site title-holder from 1994 till present day, Ha Long Bay is rich in history and culture that dates back to tens of thousands years ago from the Soi Nhu culture to the Ha Long culture. Praised and loved by past kings and emperors, the natural beauty of this mythical place ascends as both treasure and pride for the Vietnamese people.

Home to thousands of species, flora and fauna, four fishing villages, and countless natural wonders, Ha Long Bay continues to amaze individuals and touch souls from all race and ages.

Of Meditation and Reflection

It was 2012 when I first encountered Ha Long Bay through a volunteer workshop I applied for to clean up the bay together with some other delegates from all around the globe. Soon enough I was able to get a glimpse of what Ha Long Bay looked like in real life and compared it to the images I’ve already seen before over the Internet. Of course I’d have to say that the real thing was so much prettier than what it looked like on the photos.

Years after the first encounter, I went back to Ha Long Bay, this time with my family. We went on a 2 day 1 night cruise itinerary and were completely blown away by our experience. Hanging out by the sundeck on a sunny afternoon while sipping cocktails and looking out to the middle of the bay was just priceless. It was one of the best afternoons I’ve ever had in my life. And from then on, I started appreciating Mother Nature more and spending less time on material things.

- The Millennial, 26, Singapore

Of Love and Acceptance

It was a cold winters day when we embarked on a lovely cruise to Ha Long Bay to celebrate our second year of being a couple. My partner Robert who’s originally from Australia, prepared everything for our month-long trip to Vietnam. Neither of us has ever been so we were really excited to do it together.

As we booked a two-night cruise, we had an opportunity to spend a lot of time just relaxing either in our cabin or on the sundeck. On the last night though, everything changed as I had the most romantic night of my life. Robert, while we were having our dinner together with the other passengers, finally asked me the big question. It took me half a second before it registered in my head. Eventually though, I said yes. And I became the happiest man on earth on that evening.

- The Lover, 28, New Zealand

Of Peace & Tranquility

My life has been a rollercoaster ride ever since she passed away. We were married for 37 years before my wife finally said goodbye in a hospital bed half a year ago back in Sapporo. At first, it was hard for me to accept the fact that from that day on, I would have to live my life alone, as we didn’t have kids. From there, I decided to go on a spiritual journey and ended up in Vietnam, where we both longed to go to since the 1990s.

Ha Long Bay was my second stop after arriving in Hanoi. I booked a three-day cruise and told myself that I had to enjoy this trip to the fullest, even if I’m only by myself. Luckily enough, the landscape of the bay was stunning enough to compensate for the emptiness I was feeling inside. Somehow all of it felt like a dream. And then it hit me. I’ve come to my senses and accepted reality. I wouldn’t have wished for anything else but to have Ikumi here to share this with me.

- The Widower, 62, Japan


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